Vision Training

This book was formerly published under the title “Hello Beautiful.”

Unless you read the subtitle, (The Art and Science of Vision Training using the Bates Method), you wouldn’t know what it was about.

“Vision Training” clearly states that this book is about training the eyes to see better.

 It is the true story of my experience with The Bates Method of Vision Training where I graduated with 20/20 vision without glasses. Before the training, I found the phone book print impossible to read–remember phone books?  That was a time ago.

Vision Training, the book, is filled with fun, easy exercises with the under-riding principle that the eyes, like other parts of the body, say the legs, can heal.

If we treated legs the way we treat eyes we would see a sorry lot of people hobbling around on crutches and in wheelchairs.

No, we try to get injured legs to walk again without crutches. We all know it’s easier to place a lens in front of each eye to help it than to change years of unhealthy habits. However, with a little help, we can see better without glasses, or help eliminate the continued need for an increasingly stronger lens.

 We can also see some of the issues that led up to our poor vision, and therefore stop doing the harmful treatments of them.

We can teach our children that it is not the light level or the size of print that hastens poor vision but squinting, wrinkling the brow, being nervous, or afraid that keeps them from working up to full capacity. 

Read the book, and you will learn that relaxed eyes see better, that looking up from the computer to the horizon will help relax the eyes, and remove eye strain. Give your eyes a rest. You deserve good vision without strain. Here’s to happy eyes.

Thanks for reading.

The price is one-half a cup of coffee, $2.99. I don’t think Starbucks or Dutch Bros will give you a half cup of coffee though. Sorry.

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