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For the past 29 days I have been doing a self-imposed process. I’ve been taking and posting a photograph a day.


If someone had asked me what I did during the past month, I would hem and haw, either not wanting to explain, not remembering, or making small my experience. Sometimes it does appear we do not accomplish much, we go through our daily process and nightly sleep, only to get up and do it all over again.


Taking those pictures made me notice what was around me and to find something noteworthy in it.  It made me keep my word. It was a journal in pictures.


There is nothing terribly fancy in my pictures. It is life as I see it, beautiful flowers wet with rain, a tiny frog, baby chicks, carousals. Go for a walk and what do you find? A horse coming to the fence to greet you, a tree turning color behind your house*, mushrooms in the yard.


Me and my phone walking around.  One more photo to go.


 All are posted on www.travelwithjoyce.com

And now about our purpose: 

 Ever since I heard the writer/ researcher Michael Tellinger say, “Our purpose is to raise the consciousness of the people,” I said, “Yes. That’s it.”


This is the top purpose, you might have sub-purposes, like pursuing your dream of becoming an artist, or building a hospital in Africa, but first and foremost, we ought to uplift the consciousness of the people that populate this planet.


We do not need to fix people; we need to assist them in fixing themselves. One by one if people popped out of their limitations, the world would be transformed without our lifting a finger. And we could say that rarely do we find a broken person, only people in want of something.


Evidence of my claim is that hordes of people are seeking out healing experiences, joining consciousness-raising groups, and studying Quantum physics to understand where they fit into the cosmos. People throng to Tony Robbins events with the belief that their lives will improve because of it. Millions follow the TED talks with presenters encouraging us to live our dream, follow our bliss, and live the life for which we were born.


All this tells me people are hungry to know and to understand where they fit into the cosmos. People throng together to bring fresh water to Africa, to begin a peace movement, to stand up for green movements, promote solar energy, animal rights, clean ocean, and healthy forests.


See, people do care.


The negative side is upping the ante as well. Perhaps we have negativity running scared. Movies feature violence unprecedented, with writers coming up with atrocities that rival the inquisition. Television, once fun, and a cultural unifier, has become to use Seth Godin’s phrase “An instrument of dissatisfaction.” Either it presents something we can’t obtain, or it tells us that something is the matter with us for which a product can fix.


Don’t listen. Don’t watch.


We have become polarized over politics to the extent that we can hardly have a civil conversation. The Democrats think the Republicans are stupid. The Republicans think the Democrats are losers. You can shake your head and say, that’s about right, yet, remember the neighbor who took you to the hospital when your little boy broke his arm? She was of the opposite party from you, yet, she was your friend. It is hard to hate someone close up.


“Dehumanizing,” according to sociologist Brene’ Brown , “always starts with language, often followed by images.” We call people aliens, cockroaches, or savages, to justify exterminating them, ostracizing them, delegating them to subhuman status, or just plain not liking them. When I was a teenager I read that in 20 years it would be as abhorrent to us to kill a person as it was then to eat one.  Whew, I thought, however, I must wait a while longer.


We have been enslaved for millennia, and largely still are. That’s where we need to assert our independence. And people are—when employment became ridiculous to obtain even with advanced degrees, people turned to entrepreneurship. 


We are a creative bunch.


 The best account I have read of unleashing your creative self, came from #Don Hahn, the producer of The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast (animated version). He was the son of a pastor, and his Sunday morning memories were of the fragrance of coffee and doughnuts wafting up from the basement. One morning his teacher read a Bible verse that changed his life. She read that God created humans in his own image. Wow, thought Hahn, I am related to God.  A creative relationship, like the potter to his clay, the painter to his canvas, the baker to his bread. And, God is crazy about creativity—oh he must have had a few false starts, like dinosaurs, and giants, but look at his successes.  Then, thought the young Hahn, if I am related to God, I must be creative too. (Hahn was an animator for Disney.)


“Rather than searching for life’s meaning, know that you have the power to create it.” –#Marie Forleo


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