Hello Awesome




Yes, yes, yes. Oh Hi, happy to see you.

Another travel blog?


Yep, another. The world needs at least one more–mine.

I love travel bloggers -those adventuring spirits that wander–and wonder, collecting tidbits from across the globe to share with us. With their words come the sights, the scents, at least a description of, and their personal insights. Some are lone travelers, some are couples, some are families. All want an exemplary life, and are willing to take risks to find it–like thewanderingblonde.com



I’m not young, I’m not single, I have two grown daughters and two young grandsons. Truth be told I probably have some gray hairs under this blond. Don’t know. Won’t tell. I have done a fair amount of traveling, I know what the Acropolis looks like at sunrise, and how, as you approach a Greek Isle, the cicadas sing, vibrating the air, intoxicating all in the vicinity.

Some of my writing will be about physical travel–what we see, hear and taste, other will be about that internal travel we all take in trying to figure out what in the heck we are doing here.

So much to see, so many books to read, that assures us of many happy days ahead.

Be happy, Jo


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