Has the World Gone Cuckoo, or Is It Just me?

Finally, I know what a Cuckoo bird looks like. I know about their behavior from a biology class long ago. A Cuckoo female will lay an egg in a magpie’s nest and let that little bird raise a chick twice her size. The magpie gets mad at the invasion but still feeds the baby. Maybe the Cuckoo mother is saving its energy for those long migrations. 7, 500 miles, the longest of any bird.

I’ve been such a mess.

I spent the last week trying (“Don’t try, do.”) to clean up the little eBook I had written, only to fall into the same situation inside the house. With my two good eyes (cataracts are gone, yeah, I’m grateful, don’t get me wrong), the shock was, however, that I saw splatters on the kitchen wall I didn’t know was there, and dust bunnies in the bathroom. It was like Dr. Seuss’s The Cat in the Hat. I’d clean up one splotch only to find another.

Finally, I stopped, went to my friend, the computer, and…nothing happened.

I was silent as aboard. 

And irritated.

Enter a Firefox post–right when I needed it, that said a little anger is good for us.

(Note the word little.) Ten million people plus their dog writes about happiness. Everybody wants to be happy. We read about happiness. We affirm happiness, we obsess over being happy, and what the heck, the cave man who stood there happy, staring at the sunset with a big smile on his face, got eaten.

The angry ones were motivated to out-wit their enemies. So, it looks like we inherited anger.

I read that a little anger makes us creative. If you are presented with a problem while a bit angry, you are more apt to think up more creative solutions. 

You have probably heard that the actor Hugh Grant is a curmudgeon. He doesn’t like his films, and he’s apparently not easy to work with. Still, those films that he does not like have earned him 80 million dollars.

Money doesn’t buy happiness, they say, but it’s sure as heck is better than the alternative. 

This morning a dear one flew into the room ( daughter, not a bird), and told me that the night before, the Bitcoin trading site suffered a melt-down. She was waiting for Bitcoin’s trading to take a dip, but instead, it spiked so high the trading site crashed and was unavailable for a couple of hours.

I don’t know much about bitcoin. It always sounded bizarre to me, buying and selling something that isn’t there. Cryptocurrency—people can get rich trading it. 

But, think about this…a one-word hashtag on Twitter from the richest man in the world had the power to move a $600 billion-dollar company. Elon Musk tweeted #bitcoin, and bitcoin’s value went sky high.

It’s a bit disconcerting that Social Media can drive our culture, thoughts, decisions, elections, and adrenal states.

Social media might sound like the people are in control, but then, I see how the rich and powerful are pulling the strings, and the people are letting them.

Remember long ago glass was expensive to make, and windows were made of little sheets of glass?

Now glass is cheap to make, so we make windows using big sheets of glass, but we want it to look like little panes, so we square it in with moldings that make the window look like divided lights. 

I got this glass comment from Seth Godin’s blog, “Of course, this actually costs more to create than a simple window would. We’re overpaying to reproduce the effect that we originally put into place to save money.”

This is off the subject but goes to show how cuckoo we are.

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