Crappy Airport Food?

Nope, a restaurant in the San Jose airport broke the rule. There, waiting for my plane with time to spare I treated myself to dinner in their restaurant.

I had the best salmon salad of my life.

We get used to the mundane, to things watered down, to people cutting corners, and yet sometimes we run into a person, a situation, or a product that stands out.


Let’s have more wows.

Here’s a wow: I ran into a travel blogger I love. She is Caz Makepeace of YTraveblog, a mother of two little girls, who with her husband, Craig, and their children travel full-time.

Both Caz and Craig write their blog, give travel tips, sell courses, and live the life many a wandering soul dreams of. (Yeah, I just broke a grammatical rule.) Their life has not been without struggle, exhaustion and, once upon a time financial ruin, but Caz and Craig Makepeace have come out the other side victorious.

Don’t you love it when someone is living their dream while also contributing to the lives of others?

“From my introspection and dot connection,” writes Caz,“I learned that life is always guiding us to the right experiences.”

It doesn’t always seem that way, does it?

It is easy to praise life when everything is going great, when the world sings its song of life, the birds join in, everything is working, However, when chaos hits, when life struggles dominate, when bills stack up, the car goes on a rampage, medical bills plague us, it is easy to fall into a tar pit of despair.

That ‘s when we need the up-lifters such as Caz. 

 Or Marie Folio on Marie’s TV. 

Marie is a Video blogger, another up-lifter. It doesn’t hurt that she is also beautiful. She says she doubts herself at times or runs into a stall with her writing. Still, Marie emphatically states that we need to hear YOUR voice.

If you think you have nothing to say, you’re wrong. You have unique perspective, so share it.

I have taken her words to heart when I wonder if the world needs another blogger (me). I have been writing my other blog Wish on White Horses for some time. It’s my flagship. Wishing on White Horses is the dreaming part of life.

First, you dream, or wish. then you take action.   Travels With Jo, explains more what I am doing here and how you are traveling with Jo. Sometimes the content is the same as Wish, for I figure this one has reached a different audience. (Besides the world says I need WordPress, yeah if you can figure out how to work the darn thing.)

Maybe we ought to go into more action here.

I love to travel, and if you come along it would be twice the love.

Traveling is an expanding, life-enriching experience, therefore writing a travel blog—without knowing the plethora that are out there, seemed a perfect match for me.

However, I don’t travel much anymore. Maybe I could call myself an armchair travel blogger.

This summer, though, one minute I said I didn’t travel much anymore,  the next minute I flew off to San Jose to attend a Tony Robbins seminar.

Be careful what you say. Those words might come back to bite you on the butt.

And during the summer my husband and I took short trips around our home state of Oregon.

We traveled South down the coast to visit sand dune country. We went North up the coast, visited my favorite quaint little town of Cannon Beach, met our kids at Yachats where the ocean crashed against the rocky shore, and ghost-like sea foam rolled in as though someone had poured in an entire box of soap into the washing machine, then left the lid open.

(I learned from a reader after we visited Yachats that many believe it to be haunted. It was built over a Native American Burial ground, and with a terrible history of displacing its native inhabits)

In writing a “travel” blog I realize that while I might not leave my desk chair, we are still traveling through life, in mind, spirit, and dreams.

“I have complete faith in the journey,” wrote Caz Makepeace. “I know if I show up every day for my dreams if I have kind intentions, and a solid commitment, life will work in my favor and the Universe will rush halfway to help me.”

Or, how about this?

“Your expanded self is driving the bus, you can’t make a mistake, mess anything up, or blow it. You just trust your Expanded Self and flow with what you feel inspired or motivated to do, moment to moment.”

 — Robert Scheinfeld, Busting Loose from the Money Game, “

“Why do I care if I make a fool out of myself? It’s called living, and while we are yet alive shouldn’t we do things that living people do? So embrace your inner idiot.”

–Don Hahn, Brain Storm

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