My Phone Told Me

All for want of an “S”.

Whoops, the first hit on publish went to phones with a wrong link to my Store.

Of course, I want you to see my store. Please allow me to correct the URL. You know how picky URLs are, and hey this is my maiden voyage for the store, so if something doesn’t work, please tell me. I’d appreciate it.

Please go to Jo’s Store, browse the items, read the free stuff, sit in our virtual patio. As I said, I would like to serve you coffee, or tea, or vino, but virtual coffee just doesn’t have the POW of a real live cup of steaming hot java.

Jo’s Store-Books and Coffee


It checked out, hope I got it correct this time.

Thanks for sticking with me.

Oh, by the way, some say this site is loading slow. I’ve got other comments that say it is loading fast. How is it working for you?