How Can We Help Each Other?

First by connecting, two is by seeing the Prince or Princess, we really are.

Most of us walk around with a Prince or Princess suit on, but the prince or princess suit becomes worn and develops holes. In our effort to hide the holes, we pull aside the garment and, inadvertenly, expose the frog suit beneath.

But dear ones, the truth is that beneath the Princess suit, beneath the Prince suit, beneath the frog suit, is a real Prince or Princess.

It’s a mystery how we got here, well no, looking at history, it isn’t a mystery. However, now’s the time to take a few worn-out suits to the dump, yes the dump, not the transfer station, we don’t want them transferred, we want them GONE as in in dumped, kerputt.

The spiritual leader and author Jean Huston told Oprah, “We are made for these times. We are up for it.”

Tell us about those tears in yoursuits. You might find that others will say, “Oh, your’s are like that?! So are mine.”

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