Mine Are Screams, Not Laughter

Do you ever do this? You start out with the highest of intentions, you’re determined to do it right, then you trip before you get out of the starting gate?

Maybe I’m the only one.

Last night I tripped with some Amazon sales. I’m a newbie there and want to offer good customer service. But there I was, not trusting that I had sold anything. So, I didn’t check the irregular email I was using because, for some stupid reason, I couldn’t use my regular one. Now I’m late filling orders, and Amazon hates that. I hate that.

Last night in trying to coordinate the supplier with Amazon, I found I was over my head. I didn’t know what I was doing. I watched tutorials that fell out of my head before I implemented all their steps. I went back and forth between supplier and Amazon so many times that I was like a kid on a play yard merry-go-around, going around and around, and…not laughing.

And then when I thought I had it together, my computer froze. (Poor baby, it was as frustrated as I was.) I would have cried, but I had no tears, so I went to bed.

This morning I woke up thinking of you.

This is another day, and I will face the drop-shipping phenomenon in a little while, but first, my coffee and you.

I want to know how you are faring with this world situation. I am tired of being treated like a leper, how about you?

We’re all lepers. Unsafe, unsafe. People practically run from each other.

Social distancing. Who in the world ever thought of that?

Oh yeah, the one who discovered that we spew out particles of moisture when we talk and it goes out about three feet, so let’s keep people six feet apart, and mask them. I don’t know, is it working? Are we beating this Corona virus?

My husband has been tested three times for Covid19, not because he had symptoms, but because he had three hospital procedures. All tests were negative (Thank God), but then he (husband, not God) might have caught the disease two seconds before meeting a person on the street. So, there you go—keep your distance.

I’m spinning here too.

My daughter saw some kids playing tennis—with masks on. They were outside, in the sunshine, exercising hard, but breathing through a mask? Come on. I’ve seen people diving in their car, by themselves, wearing a mask. Really?

Folks, give yourself some Oxygen.

Last week I spoke of Having Everything You’re Always Wanted, and I still believe my story. However, I do not want to minimize the struggle people are going through. I hear that people are getting worn-out, discouraged, out of work, lonely, depressed, and we can’t even offer a hug. This is crappy.

I know that to get everything you’re always wanted, you must start where you are, and I’m here going in circles like some the rest of you might be doing.


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