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Craig and Caz Makepeace’s little one greeting a friend.


“I wouldn’t live next door to a US citizen,” said a lady from Iceland.

 What? Why not?”

“Because they don’t take care of each other,” she said. “They don’t care.”

This was from the Michael Moore movie, Where Shall We Invade Next?

 Michael said, “I care.”

I care too.

How about you? I believe you care. All around us people care. However, we have become fractured from each other. People don’t know their neighbors. And apparently, we need an invitation to strike up a friendly exchange.

One time in London, I was looking for a glass blowing shop I had seen advertised in a shop window downtown.  I asked a distinguished-looking elderly British gentleman for directions, and he transformed from his clear conservative nature into an animated direction pointer. He went out into the middle of the street to direct me.

An invitation worked wonders. So, here I invite you. Come join the party.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve had dreams of traveling.  I’ve done a fair amount of it, so, I can speak with some authority on how the Acropolis shines at sunrise and how the sound of the cicadas of Greece drift on the breeze and seem to vibrate the air as you approach an island.

I have wondered how it would be to travel with a daughter and her child (I have a seven-year-old grandson). What sort of education would that provide for the child? Would he become a child of the world? Would he learn to understand and embrace various cultures? Or would he be bored out of his skull, and whine to go home?

Caz and Craig of #YTravelblog.com travel full-time with their two girls, around four and eight years of age.

It is hard to form lasting friendships they say, but their girls are quick to make friends and are open and eager travelers. Caz’s information is boundless. On top of that,  she encourages travel bloggers.

“If it encourages a few people to broaden their minds due to the stories and photos they post then please, let’s have a few more of them.”

–Caz Makepeace

However, I am not one who travels full-time, Nor am I one who travels much anymore for that matter. I say that. I think I am home-bound, then I  take off for four days to San Jose California to attend a live event with Tony Robbins.

That was traveling.

That was a broadening experience.

 I travel.

A mini-vacation can do wonders for the spirit.

Getting away, having time to one’s self—time to broaden your horizons, to learn new coping skills, that is often the reason we leave home and hearth to settle into someplace new, or remote, or different.

I think of Anne Morrow Lindbergh going off to a beach cabin and since, she said, she thinks better with a pen in her hand, she began to write. The result was her book Gift From the Sea. Now there is a  50th-year-anniversary issue, and Morrow’s book is as pertinent now as the day she penned it. Women try to find balance in a chaotic world, they try to juggle a home husband, children, finances, food, cooking, home repairs, taxiing the young ones to various events. Whew. And all along they are trying to find grace.

No wonder people are busy and find it difficult to connect.

That is my purpose here. To connect, and to offer a reprieve from the hamster wheel.

It is my purpose to offer inspiration to go for your dream whatever that might be. Is it to travel? To begin a business? Write a book? Take painting lessons, or would you like to take your easel out to the beach and paint the birds? Perhaps we can find, that maybe, just maybe you can unplug and live the life of your dreams.

We are, after all, traveling-thru-life.

And as Caz says:

  “Life’s ultimate goal is to make money doing what you love in a way that serves.

When I came home from California, I realized that whether we travel far or near, we are still traveling through life. And life is what we came here to experience.

Life is something we all have. It is something we struggle with or celebrate daily. And whatever we can do to lighten the daily load, for ourselves and others, that would be a contribution.

In that light, I have started this new blog, https://travelswithjo.com

Caz’s travel blog inspired me, and she encouraged bloggers to use #Siteground, with WordPress.org,

So I decided to join the big kids. The result was, I ended up on the playground yard bleeding.

Apparently, Google loves WordPress as it has many functions. However, for a cyber inept person like me, it is a challenge, and not intuitive—as though they expect their players to know something about computer programming. Ha.

 See, I’m playing with websites instead of packing, for we are moving to our new house on Thursday of this week.

We all search for meaning, for balance, for grace. We all deal with the mundane of life. Some of us dream of that little beach cottage where we can have the solitude to think, to be alone, to understand why we are here and where we are going.

Writing, some say, is thinking through the fingers, and that is what I am doing here. Thinking and connecting.

Thank you for checking out this new site. I hope all my readers from www.wishonwhitehorses.com will join me here.  If we blow this site out of the water—that is if enough people check-in and https://travelswithjo.com hits the ceiling of its allotted audience number, I will sign up for the next level.

Thanks for stopping by.

Let’s travel-thru-life together.







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